The MET Gala: All About the Gals

Just a few days ago, possibly the most popular event debuted all over media outlets. From the news, to social media, the annually held MET Gala was something unavoidable by all. The NY Times shared that this gigantic event as “the┬áMetropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute benefit, a black-tie extravaganza held the first Monday in […]

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Trying to Escape “Cheap”

As racial stereotyping still plays a part in the current society, its no surprise that its prevalent in the fashion industry. Specifically speaking of Asians, Minh-Ha T. Pham explains the idea of how this group of people are associated with cheapness. This derives from many American companies moving manufacturers over to Asia in places like […]

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Mediatization in Aerie

Mediatization: How media has become a central way in changing formations and doings of institutions. With the rise in media in the past few decades, media has infiltrated any and all institution. From fashion to sports to medicine to politics, the existence in media has greatly affected the operations of most if not all organizations. […]

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